About Lori

Coeur de Feu is the personal portfolio and blog website for Lori Hutton, aka “RhyssaFireheart” online.  This is a place to call home for featured artwork and writings and my occasional blog rantings about online gaming.  I also have a DeviantArt site where I also upload artwork.

The Person

I’m a recovering lapsed artist, an aspiring project manager, an online MMORPG gamer, a pen-and-paper D&D player, a wife, a mom to our second beautiful Golden Retriever, a plant lover, an avid reader (SciFi and Fantasy) and so many other things in no particular order.

I started using the name “Rhyssa Fireheart” back in tabletop gaming, before I ever started playing online games. The name of this site is derived from “Fireheart” and means Heart of Fire in French.

The Software

Joomla! : I discovered the Joomla! CMS when I was doing research for the Grimwell Online site. I’ve been very happy with it and continue trying to expand my knowledge by constantly redesigning my site on a regular basis.

CSS : Cascading Style Sheets.  After seeing the power of CSS, I can’t imagine creating sites any other way.  Especially not after having to clean up all my old code from before I started using CSS.

Photoshop 7.0 : It’s not the latest, greatest version, but it still works just fine for me.  Coupled with an older model Wacom tablet which I’m still getting used to, I’m expanding my digital art skills every day.

The Art

Traditional media will mostly be done with acrylics (brush and airbrush) and tend to be older pieces from when I was in college.  I don’t currently have any studio space set up in my office now that computers have taken over my life.

Digital media is all done in Photoshop 7.0.

Photographs currently come from my rather dated Olympus digital camera with some editing done in Photoshop (mostly cropping and color correction – the camera tints too green).

I can be contacted here if needed.