Catching Up – 2018 Art

So as I mentioned last month, I’m trying to catch-up with posting my art from the past two years here on the site instead of just on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter.  Today I’ll do 2018.

Looking at the total output of paintings I finished, it wasn’t a very productive year overall, BUT I did create art.  I wasn’t totally shut down and sucked into online gaming (which I started back up in December 2017 as stress relief) but neither was I doing art every day either.  I still haven’t arrived as a happy balance and there are days I want to create but get lazy and log on instead.  I’ll figure it out eventually.

Warning!! Image heavy post! Continue reading

Wow. Such empty. So missing.

That about explains my lack of anything here on the site.  Looking at when I stopped posting, I can tag it to right about when I started playing Final Fantasy XIV, shortly after my husband had surgery in December 2017.  And I fully realize and acknowledge that online gaming tends to suck my creativity in ways I can’t explain.  However, I’d resisted playing this game for quite a long time, so I’ve managed it a bit better than previous times I’ve gamed.  I have made art (some of it quite lovely, matter of fact!) and I’ve posted said art online… just not here on my own website.  Which makes no sense and yet it does.

Taking a photo of a piece of art with my phone and just popping it online via Instagram or Twitter is just so simple and easy.  Snap pic, open app, post online, profit!  To update the website take effort, something that I was lazy about.  I always had the idea that this site should be the “good” one, where the more professional looking images are posted and not the crappy lit ones taken at my desk.  I’d edit them properly and save with appropriate file names and and and… that all got lost.  And the more it got lost, the more I felt guilty about not keeping up with the site and letting it languish.

I finally sat down and finished updating the images in all the blog posts to be larger and from the same media library.  I still need to work on getting all my actual galleries to be in the same media library but that’s not as vital as the rest.  And because my art output lagged in the past two-ish years, I don’t have a huge amount of art photos to add here.  That’s a good thing.    I also have some stories/articles I want to write and post, stuff that doesn’t work on Twitter and certainly wouldn’t go on a Facebook page.  I always had aspirations to make this a “professional portfolio” site but I’ve come to realize that’s not me.  I’m more than just my art images.  I’m a gamer who plays probably way too much.  A writer who needs to take the stories I write in my head as I’m falling asleep and write them down. I’m someone who can babble on about a topic when I’m invested in it.  And keeping all those items spread out across the internet in separate places doesn’t make sense.  

So, I’m going to try to keep here updated more often and instead of putting content elsewhere, I’ll put it here and link it elsewhere. That will hopefully make me pay attention to this website I’ve had for so many, many years now.

State of the Art – 9/9/2018

So I thought it might be a good idea to revive these semi-regular art updates to let folks know what’s going on (and to make it seem the site isn’t inactive).  I’ve slowly been going back through all my posts to update the image links in them.  It’s frankly a huge pain to do but it also allows me to make sure the images are all correct (a few have been broken) and that the images are stored in Word Press’s media library instead of via a gallery plug-in.  There’s nothing actually wrong with the gallery I had been using but I also don’t want to be reliant on a plug-in which needs to be updated anytime WP changes.  I do still use a gallery plug-in, but it builds its albums from the WP media library, so the locations of the files themselves don’t ever change.  If I want to change an album (or even delete it entirely) that doesn’t affect the image files at all, whereas with the other plug-in, changing the albums and galleries affected all the images in there, hence some posts had broken image links.  I don’t want that, so I’m taking the time to change it all. 

Other than that, I’m still creating art.  I post works-in-progress (WIPs), completed pieces, and random photos of my doggo Jasper over on Instagram if anyone feels like following there.  My own website tends to lag behind in updates because I’d rather post my scanned photos of art here and that takes more time than sharing a photo from my phone.  I promise I’ll get caught up sooner or later, but my preference is sooner.

Winter is coming (or I’m not dead yet!)

Or something like that.  It was nice here today, but it’s going to be colder by the middle of this coming week.  Ugh.

Anyways, not been all that busy, but I did manage to complete a postcard for TAE18.  This will be the first year I’ve taken part and I’m pretty excited for this.

El Dorado
Watercolor on paper, 4″ x 6″

El Dorado (TAE18) (2017)

El Dorado (TAE18) (2017) | Watercolor on paper. 4″ x 6″ | Available

And I finished this piece this afternoon.  It’s a bit new (I usually do wet washes all over the page) but I really like how it turned out.  I mean, really like it!

Jellyfish Daydreams
Watercolor and ink on paper, 9″ x 12″

Jellyfish Daydreams (2017)

Jellyfish Daydreams (2017) | Watercolor and ink on paper, 9″ x 12″ | Available

So enjoy! 

Something New, Something Blue

Well, actually, they’re both blue but minor details.  I’ve finished two new pieces, although one is kind of a cheat.  I already posted about this in progress, but now here’s the finished piece.  Except for basically ruining my crow quill by accident (which accounts for the blotchiness in the lines), I’m pleased with how it looks.

Untitled Abstract (2017)

Untitled Abstract (2017) | Watercolor and blue ink on paper, 5.5″ x 7.5″ | Available

For my second piece, I did an ACEO to submit to the Grumbacher Art Swap #53 event.  The theme was song title interpretation and I decided to go with “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic.  It’s a fun song, the video makes me smile, and the idea popped into my head when I was thinking of different song titles.  So there ya go!

Counting Stars - ACEO (2017)

Counting Stars – ACEO (2017) | Watercolor on paper, 2.5″ x 3.5″ | Grumbacher Art Swap #53

Cuts like a knife

Vague post title is wonderfully vague.  Except it’s kind of not.  I had a larger (11″ x 15″) piece I was working on that just wasn’t doing it for me.  The composition was off and I didn’t like it.  In fact, I’d pretty much stopped doing anything with it for several days.  Last night, I decided to take a knife to it and sliced the piece into four smaller (each 5.58″ x 7.5″) paintings and suddenly *BOOM* everything seemed to come together.  Here’s a WIP shot of the first piece that I’m adding blue ink to now.  It’s already a vast improvement over the original, larger sized painting, IMO.



Image Gallery testing in progress

I’ve been somewhat dissatisfied with my image gallery plug-in for a while now, but haven’t gotten motivated enough to do anything about it until now.  I’m testing something new and want to see how it looks.  The upside is if I like this, it’ll look much nicer on the site.  The downside is having to completely re-upload and redo all the images on my site. 

Oh, and as anyone can tell by the dates on the blog posts, I’ve been a lazy slob about updating.  I’ve been much, much, MUCH better about updating my Facebook art page and Instagram, which needs to change.


UPDATE Tuesday – I think I’ve found the setting I want to use.  The gallery adjusts based on the images, so it’s not all same sized boxy pictures.  It has captions and a lightbox setting.  So far I’m loving it.  Yes, it will be a hassle to redo all my galleries, but I’ll take the opportunity to clean them up as I go along, which should be a good thing.  Below is the starting point for the “Abstracts” gallery. 


State of the Art (2017) #1

Continuing with my cleaning and organizing theme, I finally took the time over this weekend to put some items sitting out in my office/studio away in the closet and slightly straighten up my drawing table.  The room feels much bigger now, even though it wasn’t as if I were cramped for space or anything.  It’s a psychological thing, I guess.  In the process of cleaning up, I went through the things in a plastic storage bag that was still struggling to survive the twenty years plus since I got out of college. 

The bad? Here’s what remained of a triangle that didn’t make it and instead crumbled into a lot of dust and little pieces.

20 year old debris

The good? I finally FINALLY found my French curves!  Yay!  I knew they were around here somewhere, and I thought I’d checked this bag in the past, but apparently I didn’t check well enough.

French Curves

I’ve been getting close to just buying a new set, but all the ones I saw at office supply stores were small and as you can see, these are nice and big.  It’s giving me ideas and I can use them for the first of my Art for the Paws canvas.

Here’s to a creative and fun 2017!  It’s off to a good start!

2016 in Review

It’s New Year’s Eve and looking back, this year has been one of my most inactive for art in a long time now.  I was frequently distracted, uninspired, lacking motivation, and just plain didn’t feel like doing anything, including creating art.  I managed to write a long, multi-chapter fanfic (which I need to post here) but other than that… close to zilch.  Thinking about it, I still feel the need to create art, but I tend to procrastinate far more than I should.  Or if I do complete something, I’ll post it to Instagram or Facebook and call it a day, completely forgetting to update this site or deviantArt. 

So this is my goal for 2017 – be more open about myself as an artist.  Be more organized about posting my art – whether that be WIPs on Instagram or finished pieces on dA or just sharing other pieces of #artilove – I need to make a concerted effort to just do it.  If I ever want to do more with my art, then it’s not going to just fall into my lap.  I need to be pushy.  I need to put myself out there.  I need to get more visible and seen, somehow.  I need to dedicate periods of time to the art and not just lazing in the chair reading or playing my mobile games.  So that’s what I’m going to resolve to do. 

And right now, I’m going to go through my stack of paintings (there’s a bit of an advantage to working on paper) and make sure I have everything photographed and catalogued.  That’s going to be a challenge, for sure!


Happy New Year!  Welcome 2017!