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Tag: EQ2

EQ2 Decorating – Yimenee’s Magic Manor (5 room)

Yimenee’s home, done in May 2009, was my first experience with the Qeynos style 5 room house.  I’d been dying…

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EQ2 update, still going strong

Yep, despite my occasional belief that the only reason I still play EQ2 is to decorate houses, I’m still playing…

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Vault Network Graphics

Description: Vault Network is a gaming news portal website for consoles, online, and RPG gaming.  It also has a large…

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More from EQ2’s Refer-a-Friend Program

It’s a really good idea, actually.  Seeing how it works in action now, the whole concept is well thought out…

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EQ2 – Refer a Friend program

So EQ2 has this pretty cool idea going on – Refer a Friend program/promotion, which means that if you get…

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