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Tag: Gouache

30-in-30 Challenge – Day 18

Today’s painting should probably be titled “fun with a palette knife” instead of the non-name I’ve given it.  I picked…

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30-in-30 Challenge – Day 13

Ah, unlucky number 13.  Seems fitting for today’s piece.  The informal theme I choose for this challenge was growth because…

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30-in-30 Challenge – Day 3

I’m a bit late in getting this up, but considering I just finished, it’s right on time. Continuing the theme…

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30-in-30 Challenge – Day 2

While waiting for my day 1 painting to dry, I went ahead and started on day 2’s painting.  I changed…

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30 paintings in 30 days!

Yikes! After being reminded about Leslie Saeta’s 30-in-30 challenge which started today, I signed up and got started.  I did…

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