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Tag: Sun

And the Stars, Like Grains of Sand

Another instance of not knowing where my titles come from.  The reference is to a Science Fiction classic (which I’ve…

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Sunrise (Sun and Moon series)

I think I have a thing for companion pieces.  This one goes with my earlier “Sunset” painting, for obvious reasons.…

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Sun v2 and Sun v3 (Sun and Moon series)

More suns to enjoy.  I did the plain sun first, then decided to do another version with the face in…

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Sunset (Sun and Moon series)

SunsetWatercolor and pen on paper, 7.5″ x 9″ I was thrilled with out this one turned out, especially that night…

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Sun and Moon (Sun and Moon series)

Companion pieces for the Sun and Moon series.  I’d been doing both for a bit but specifically did these two…

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