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Ahh, that looks better.

Finally took some time to edit the template I was using into something I liked better.  I’m having trouble figuring out what accept color I was to use though.  The orange is just not working, I don’t want another variation of blue, yellow/creams = no, and I think red is too close to the orange.  Some variation of green perhaps?  I shall have to try this out.

After straightening out the little tidbits of the template, my next step is to straighten out my categories and tags lists.  I was an idiot and put way too many categories instead of utilizing the tag system properly, so that’s got to be switched up.  Not to mention cleaning up a few old fanfic stories I’ve written and getting them posted finally, before I’m completely out of fandom.

Added a new portfolio piece

I added the screenshots and information about the vBulletin 4.x forum skin customization I did for Matt James over at Loremaster.org.  I think the skin turned out great and it was just what he wanted.  I’m glad I’ve gotten into the habit of taking full page screen grabs after completing a project so I can have pics for my records.  I didn’t do that properly for some of my older works and now it’s too late since those sites are offline now.

One of the biggest frustrations I have with redoing my entire portfolio online (and the reason I don’t have anything up as of today for Illustration and Colorings) is because I’ve changed how I want the thumbnails to look.  Presenting the whole artwork image or screenshot of a website is easy, but over the years I’ve done the thumbnails in several different ways.  For a while I used tiny 50x50px images, then I went to 100x100px size ones.  I used some slightly larger, vertical sized images and most recently, I’ve settled on the 150x75px images now on the site.  Changing the look of the thumbnails isn’t a huge problem, except for all the work going opening each piece of work, putting the spot I want to feature into the master template file, tweaking how it looks, and then creating the thumbnail.  It’s not particularly hard or anything, just tedious to a certain degree.  Which is why I haven’t finished those two sections yet.  I really do need to get them completed asap.


Description: Site  for the discussion of pen and paper gaming with reviews, interviews, and forum discussions.  Client wanted a customized skin for vBulletin 4.x software, a customized logo, and customized forum icons.

URL: http://www.loremaster.org

Features: Custom graphics and CSS for vBulletin 4.x software.

Completed: June 2010

Loremaster.org Main Page

Loremaster.org Forum Index

Pen and Paper Games

Description: Site  for the discussion of pen and paper gaming with reviews, interviews, and forum discussions.  In March 2010 the site owner upgraded his forum to software version 4.x which required some additional tweaking of board icons and a new logo.

URL: http://www.penandpapergames.com/

Features: Custom graphics and CSS for vBulletin 3.8.x software.

Completed: 2009, updated 2010

Pen and Paper Games

Autism Forums

Description: Forum for the discussion of autism spectrum diagnosis.  Client posted a request on an open graphics forum for a new forum banner and the white version of the banner was chosen.

URL: http://autismforums.net/

Features: Custom forum banner.

Completed: 2009

Autism Forums banner

Autism Forums banner (live)