Grimwell Online (2006)

Description: Personal blog website.  After leaving GamerGod, Grimwell decided to reopen his website as a personal blog instead of a gaming news/commentary site as it had been previously.

URL: Offline

Features: Custom graphics and layout built using Joolma! CMS software.

Completed: 2006

Grimwell Online (2006)

GamerGod Graphics

Description: was a new gaming news portal site started in 2005.  I was brought on staff to be a graphics artist and help work on the layout of the site (seen in this post).  News articles and commentary had featured graphics for the main portal page as well as individual section pages.  These are a small selection of all the graphics created during my time on staff.


Features: Custom graphics.

Completed: 2005 – 2006

Feature Article Images

Auto Assault featureAge of Empires 3 featureConsoles feature #5Consoles feature #9DDO featurePirates Burning Sea feature

Column Teaser Images

DDO columnGods and Heroes column

GamerGod Gaming Portal

Description: Gaming news and fansite portal.  The site featured a main hub page along with sub-pages for console gaming and several fansite pages for online games.

URL: Offline

Features: Custom graphics and layout.

Completed: 2005 – 2006


GamerGod - Gamer Girl

GamerGod - Playstation

GamerGod - Xbox

Grimwell Online Banners

Description: Skytower banners made for the Grimwell Online gaming news site.  The ideas came from the staff and I created the banners for placement on the main site page.  There were 20 skytower banners made in total.  These were meant to be humorous and relate to the games the staff played and reviewed.

URL: offline

Features: Custom graphics.

Completed: 2003 – 2005

Grimwell Online Skytower Banner #1Grimwell Online Skytower Banners #7Grimwell Online Skytower Banners #8Grimwell Online Skytower Banners #9

Grimwell Online Skytower Banners #17Grimwell Online Skytower Banners #19Grimwell Online Skytower Banners #20