The Basics

Coeur de Feu is the personal portfolio and blog website for Lori Hutton.  This is a place to call home for featured artwork and writings and my occasional blog rantings about online gaming. 

The Person

I’m originally from Southern Illinois, but moved north to attend Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL. That resulted in staying in Northern Illinois, where I reside with my husband and the Current Occupant, Jasper, a Carolina Dog we rescued.  My day job works my numbers brain while my hobbies work my creative brain. I enjoy reading (SciFi / Fantasy), play online MMOs (Final Fantasy XIV), and try to not kill my plants by occasionally giving them water.

The Presence

I can be found on most social media under the name “RhyssaFireheart”.  It’s a name I used in tabletop gaming that expanded into online game and from there, my online presence.  All of that happened before social media was a big deal and being “your online handle” was more common.  I’ve since decided that I’m far too lazy to try changing that entire presence, so I stick with what I have.  The name of this site is derived from “Fireheart” and means Heart of Fire in French.

The Art

I currently work in watercolor almost exclusively, with some acrylics.  Older work was done digitally using Photoshop. I also do the occasional bookbinding, making small journals of dyed paper (usually tea stained) and faux leather covers.  It’s fun and lets me work anywhere when I can’t be at my desk.