This was originally written back in December, 2001 when I was actively playing DAoC. I have been looking for a copy of the text since I began the site, but couldn’t find it until today, hidden away in a backup folder I had forgotten about. At the time I wrote this, Hibernia was demonstratively the weakest of the three realms, yet any cries for adjustment on the dev boards resulted in threads filled with endless flames and arguments. I spent almost two weeks writing this post if I recall correctly, and I was rather proud when Sanya Thomas of Mythic replied to my post and said she was going to show it to other coworkers of hers. Considering that the “official” DAoC forums were on the VN Boards (aka the Seventh Cesspool of Hell), it just proved that well written and thought out posts can rise above the usual bitching, whining and moaning that most game forums seem to revel in.
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