Silence (Gintama Fanfiction)

Title: Silence
Rhyssa Fireheart
Implied Oboro/OC
Characters: Oboro, Utsuro (mentioned), Naraku, OC
Rating: T
Don’t own it, never will. Just like to play around with it in my mind.

This story got into my head earlier this week and wouldn’t let go until I got it written down. My first Gintama fanfic and it’s about one of the antagonists for some reason. I knew I preferred to write about non-main characters but this did surprise me somewhat.


One of his oldest memories (after being saved by Utsuro-sama) was of feather soft touches and barely there whispers. When he was first introduced to the other students of the Tenshouin Naruku school, he hadn’t noticed her at first. She stayed in the background and it was only when her name was said that he first felt a fleeting touch on his back and she appeared before him, bowing a greeting.

He was surprised to see a girl at the school; weren’t they going to be trained to be assassins? Why would a girl be there? Years later, if he bothered to think back, he would realize how na├»ve he’d been. Right then though, he did as his teacher told him and observed. She wasn’t exactly tiny, but then again, they were only kids. Her black hair was cut short and from what he could tell, she had dark eyes. Her skin was tanned, so probably taken from a rural village somewhere.

Even then, he noticed how quiet she was. Despite the seriousness of what they were to be trained for, the other students were noisy and acted like normal children should. She seemed wrapped in silence standing there, her voice low and barely heard over the other conversations.

He also noticed her studying him in return.

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