State of the Art – Week 24

Happy Sunday, folks!  Right now I’m in a good mood because game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals is tomorrow night and here’s hoping the Blackhawks win it at home!

Oh, and I have some art and writing to share as well from the past two weeks.

Storytime first – I’ve finished two “new” fanfiction stories since last SotA and posted them here on the site and over on  I’ve also double-checked to make sure that all my stories are posted here on the site as well.  I’ve posted them with the actual dates they were originally put online, so except for the new most recent ones, it’s all in the archives.

Broken (Naruto) and Faded Memories (One Piece)

As for artwork, I’ve finished the two WIPs that I posted last time and added three more pieces to that.

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Broken (Naruto Fanfiction)

Title: Broken
Rhyssa Fireheart
None at this time
Rating: T+
Don’t own it, never will. Just like to play around with it in my mind.

Posted today over on (which is where I archive almost all my stories – gaming related ones aren’t there).

Shinobi don’t fall out of trees. They receive rigorous training in chakra control in order to stick to the sides of objects (such as trees) or run across water or even to move quickly in short bursts, making it seem as if they can disappear. So why was she lying on her back gasping for breath, sprawled in the grass with a large root digging into her back? Not that it mattered, she couldn’t have fallen, obviously, because shinobi aren’t supposed to fall, at least not after they’ve graduated and become genin and chuunin and especially not once they’ve reached the rank of jounin.

Dragging herself to her feet, she tried straightening up, gasping at the line of fiery pain down the left side of her back. Something was wrong back there; something beyond simple bruising caused by a not-fall from the trees, but now wasn’t the time to worry about that. Right now she needed to get moving again, get back up in the trees she hadn’t fallen out of and keep going.

Forcing her body to keep moving, she jumped back up into the branches of the tree. Pausing to rub eyes gritty from dust and lack of sleep, she leapt to the next branch and then another, the uncertainty of her steps fading after several more jumps. There was still a long way to go before she arrived at her destination. Not that it mattered; nothing anyone could do would help the dead.

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Naruto Fanart – Sakura Haruno v2

So, this is a revisit of my first Sakura piece done almost a year ago now. I really wasn’t satisfied with how it turned out as time went on, and I decided to redo it completely. Still used the same photo reference from Pepstock as my base.

Anyways, the hair is much better this time around and looks more like Sakura’s. I’m still not completely satisfied, but my technique is getting better. I had to redo it several times actually, until I went with the version that I have here now. I kept falling into the habit of trying to draw every strand each time. What I’ve ended up with here is putting in blocks of color for the lights/darks and then just adding some strands over top. It’s working for now, but I think I’ll need to refine the method.

Looking between this and the original version – I can’t believe how blotchy my shading was. How’d I let myself get away with that? Still, if there was no improvement, nothing would ever change. Plus I feel my use of colors is getting better as well. I’m not relying on darker versions of the base color for all my shading.