“Victoria’s Secret is not a Game Developer”

I submitted my very first article for the GamerGirl column over at GamerGod. I had no clue what to title said article though, so I left it in the very capable hands of my editor – The Muse, who is herself a “GamerGirl” (gawds, that title bugs me). She came up with the title of which I very much approve.

Oh yeah, I should note that The Muse definitely scrubbed the text to make it clearer in some areas, as I found when I was logging this entry and comparing my original text to what she released for posting. Her changes always make so much sense when I see them, I wonder why I didn’t write it like that in the first place. That’s why we have her though, to make us all look better than we are! 🙂

So without any further ado, I present the article! Continue reading

Give it up already!

So last night, I’m driving home from work, just as I usually do. Of course, since it’s January in Chicagoland, it’s fecking freezing here, and still dark. Winter wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the cold.

So anyways, I’m driving home, and part of my route runs along the Fox River here. The homes that face the river are all rather large, with big yards and more square footage than I’d need in a century. There are also not as many street lights along this stretch as you’d usually find, which might account for the street department putting up a bunch of barriers along the river side of the road “just in case.” As in, “Oh look, the street drops off about 6 feet right into the water – maybe we’ll put up a barrier just in case those trees don’t do the job.”  Continue reading

Roleplaying, where does it end?

This article was submitted and posted as an opinion editorial at Player2Player.net. During a site upgrade, there was a major crash, and the original boards were lost. At the time, the names of the person I wrote about (Altariel/Katie/Rob) were changed (Sundancer/June/Steve) because this was written immediately after the incident I describe, and because there was no reason to use RL names. This is the original text that was submitted.  Continue reading