Shadowbane – State of the Crush report

I just wrote and posted this on Grimwell Online just this past Friday, 12/26/03. No one seems to be writing a lot about Shadowbane, so I felt I should put an update out there.

Shadowbane went on a diet last month, and so far, the old gal is looking great! Too bad appearances aren’t everything. Here’s a brief recap (and my occasionally interjected opinion, of course) of all the changes made in the past few months. Note – links are to the news posts on the Chronicle of Strife only, since Ubi has decided in its wisdom to not allow anyone without a game subscription to read the majority of the SB forums. That means no reading the ensuing forum threads for some of the news posts.

So on to the report…

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Shadowbane Update

I’m a wandering gamer, for those that don’t know (random linkers maybe, I should do a raw logs check to see if I get any interesting links a la Grimwell). I’ll probably never go back to AC1 ever again (not unless they give the graphics engine a complete overhaul with a future expansion, oh yeah, and improve gameplay a wee bit), primarily because of the reliance on Decal and it’s various plug-ins just to be even marginally competitive. DAoC – I enjoyed it, but again, the lack of purpose to the game (RvR has no real, viable implications) leaves me cold. I’ve heard from guildmates that the Shrouded Isles expansion made a ton of changes to the game, but the end premise – Realm v. Realm combat – is still the same old thing. AC2 – I had such high hopes for this. My beloved Dereth, alive again after a major catastrophe, with an all new graphics engine and a newer Dereth to explore! Oh joy? After seeing “teh pretty” it showed about as much depth as a sheet of paper, with even less purpose. Once again, no real PvP with consequences to speak of. Holding towns was useless and they served as little more than landscape markers on the path to elsewhere. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.Continue reading

Shadowbane – the bane of guilds?

Shadowbane – the Holy Grail of PvPers everywhere, the game that couldn’t get released. Or could it? With a definite release date finally set (March 25, 2003), it appears that rumour could finally be true and the game to end all PvP MMOGs will finally make it out of development and into the greedy, sweaty hands of the Play2Crush crowd once and for all.

The beta for Shadowbane (SB) keeps expanding, with UbiSoft and Wolf Pack letting in more and more beta testers in recent weeks. This is a good thing, since it’s the largest amount of players the game has tried to handle since development began. However, even if there still wasn’t an NDA in place, the actual beta test isn’t want I want to talk about here. No, what I want to discuss are the faithful followers and eagerly anticipatory fanbase that the game had attracted and retained throughout it’s over 4 years of development, aka “Fanbois.”Continue reading