More Farmville stuff

So, note to self – never post your profile link in the “looking for neighbors” thread on the Zynga boards unless you’re open to being swarmed.

I did exactly that on my “FB game only” account and ended up with almost 200 friend/neighbor requests in a only a few hours. While it’s been pretty cool for this Farmville character, it’s just crazy when it comes to accepting gifts and returning them. And the requests to join pages, causes, events, other games…. YIKES! I think I was very, very na├»ve to think something like this wouldn’t happen, but it did surprise me.

I’m getting over the “guilt” of not responding to each gift request by returning a gift. I’ve blocked other games I know I have no interest in playing ever. I’m contemplating just ignoring requests for games I don’t really play any more on that account. I’ve rationalized it by telling myself “these people aren’t friends. You owe them nothing in the long run.”

I’ll always make sure to respond to people on my real FB account, especially gifts and requests, but this gaming only account? Yeah, I’m not turning this into a full time job just to keep up with things. Sorry, faux FB friends.

Social Gaming

So, I’m an online gamer, but particularly since I was laid off in October 2009, I’ve started playing social games such as Farmville much more often. Partly because it’s really easy to slip in some time on the farm in between filling out internet job applications. Partly because even though they are called “social” games, there isn’t a whole lot of interactivity to them. But that I mean real-time interaction with another player. Oh sure, I can head to a neighbor’s farm (or homestead or cafe or house, depending on the game in question) anytime to do some work such as fertilizing their crops or feeding the chickens, but beyond leaving a message, there is no avatar-to-avatar contact between us. It’s lacking that part of the social interaction.Continue reading