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Description: Vault Network is a gaming news portal website for consoles, online, and RPG gaming.  It also has a large base of gaming fansites as part of its network.  These graphics were created for the fansites as featured article teasers and small teaser links using images and screenshots from the games.  This is a small selection of the large number of graphics produced over a three year period.


Features: Custom graphics.

Completed: 2006 – 2009

Feature Article Images

VN Graphics - Guild WarsVN Graphics - Lord of the RingsVN Graphics - Lord of the RingsVN Graphics - World of Warcraft


Article Teaser Images

VN Graphics - Vanguard: Saga of HeroesVN Graphics - Pirates of the Burning SeaVN Graphics - Pirates of the Burning Sea


Assorted Fansite/Staff Blog Images

VN Graphics - Lineage IIVN Graphics - World of WarcraftVN Graphics - Rosethorn blog header


Vault Network Specific Images

VN Graphics - Editorial bannerVN Graphics - Gaming List bannerVN Graphics - Vault Comic bannerVN Graphics - Guild Database banner


The Thrill of the Kill

Virtual kill that is, as in online gaming PvP.

I worked from home yesterday because of a dentist appointment in the morning. My work commute is too damn long for me to be able to schedule appointments and get downtown in the same day. So I came home instead. And since it was also a very slow day, I had time to get online and feed my WoW gaming addiction a bit.

I decided to play my level 43 mage some and do a series of quests in a zone that I skipped over on my warrior when I was leveling her up. These are in the desert zone of Tanaris and would give me faction in the neutral town Gadgetzan. Not a bad deal and leveling in contested zones is always a bit easier during the day time (US server and all).

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Familiarity breeds surprising results?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “familiarity breeds contempt.” It usually means that once you become too familiar with something, you eventually begin to feel contempt for it, and no longer consider it worth your time. For gaming, I always assumed that the more familiar you get with a game, the easier it is to play. Of course, that can lead to faster burnout from playing too much, but that’s a different story.

So I currently play WoW on the Alliance side, and have been since open stress tests in September, 2004. I’ve had some down time when real life momentarily took over and I didn’t have time to play much, but overall, I’m still enjoying myself. The method to my enjoyment is leveling up alts and taking my chances against the Horde in contested zones (did I mention I’m on a PvP server?). It’s fun, it’s risky and it’s definitely a challenge, and while I tend to level sloooooooowly, it’s a good thing in my opinion. I’ve had one character at level 60 since mid-March now, and the next highest is still only level 42. The rest of my little mob of newbies range from level 10 (my auction house mule) to level 24 (my mining rogue). Nothing too serious on any of them.  Continue reading