And so this is Christmas…

And what have I done?

Well, so far, I’ve managed to yet again change the look of my website. This constant change amuses me for some obscure reason, not exactly sure why that is. If I put as much effort into leveling my character in AC2 as I do in redoing the look (not the content mind you, just the look), then I’d be level 50 by now instead of stuck at 30 and frustrated because I don’t seem to be leveling very fast. Perhaps it’s because I spend more time in Photoshop than I do ingame. *shrug* This time though, I’m going to remember to add in the other 2 images I’ve scanned in from my college portfolio, instead of just having the practice pieces up there.

About the changes – since this site is an “extension” of my gaming self, I of course use my online name of Rhyssa Fireheart. That’s not really conducive to being the title of a website though, so until I figure something out, this place will remain nameless. The text above actually means something – it’s my name – lol – done in a font called Cherry. Very nice looking if you want “alien” text. I just like how it looks. I also wanted to get away from the more celtic look I had before, mainly because I was doing a really bad job of integrating it well, and it bothered me. And yes, I know the nav bar on the side doesn’t mesh with the color scheme. I need to go back and re-edit that a bit still.

Other than being cold alot (I really could exist quite happily without winter in my life), December has turned out to be a decent month. I finally started with my new job – doing exactly the same thing I’ve been doing for the past 5 months. I was a contractor and got hired by the client directly. It’s a nice step up, and should be an excellent career move for me in the long run. The best thing to come out of the change so far is it’s forcing me to learn to delegate duties to others. It’s something I’ve had trouble learning to do in the past, and I have to keep working on it.

In this case, I have no choice. The company I now work for is closed between Christmas and New Years. Hooray? Except that my company’s client (see, I was a contractor to a company and was working onsite at that company’s client site… ) isn’t closed, even though people are going to be really scarce. But this involves computers (not only am I an art geek and a gaming geek, but I’m also a computer geek), and since I was the only one that handled trouble calls (even longer story – never mind), my assistant got a crash course on Friday on how to do them herself. I should take bets on how many calls I get on my cell about how to handle something. Of course, I was silly enough to put my cell number in my out of office message as well. Yes, I can be into self-abuse, why do you ask?

So I’m getting a week and a half off, courtesy of my work, right at the prime holiday season, during the year that we are going to my parents for the holidays. And the husband has the same week and a half off as well. I couldn’t have asked for better timing, since the last time we did Christmas at my family’s house, we had to leave on the 26th because of work. So what seed of blight enters this happy scenario? I have a cold. Yep, right before seeing the family, I get sick. Merry Christmas! *cough* *hack* Guess it’s the gift I get to keep on giving.

So anyways, for those who bother to read this (and I know that’s about… 0 people), have a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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