Off to see the Wizard!

The Wonderful Wizards of the Coast!

AKA GenCon Indy. I’m officially on vacation (started today! Whoo!) and am packing up the truck to head down tomorrow. I’m sharing a room with Grimwell and Family and CmdrSlack and Fiancee, so things will be a wee bit crowded at night (5 adults, 3 kids, 2 queen beds, a cot and a sleeper sofa), but we aren’t planning on spending tons of time in the room.

Registration tomorrow (Wednesday) night, and then we hit the floor Thursday and Friday before the seething masses show up. Saturday will be a wrap up day, but the crowds will no doubt be insane as usual. Grim, Slack and me are doing coverage for  GamerGod of course, so expect to see some updates from onsite while we are there. Then wrap-up commentary after a short recovery period.

Oh yeah, and the dice! Must not forget the dice. It’s just not GenCon without buying at least one set of new dice, and it’s been 2 years since I’ve attended, so by my reckoning, I have 3 sets of dice to purchase. Um hmm, sounds about right to me!

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