That about sums it all up.

I had what I feel was a good interview yesterday for a PM position, but I’ve felt that way about all the interviews I’ve had so far. I’m planning to be more aggressive with my follow-ups and my determination, because this would be a good fit for my current skills.  It’s just somewhat hard because I have been out of work for a while and you can start to lose confidence in your own abilities. I know I can do this work, though.

Beyond that, I’m just… blah today. I have no motivation to do anything at all. I have to get up early tomorrow and head to my next PMP training class (fourth of five) but that’s tomorrow. Today? I just feel like stuffing my face with chocolate (of which I have none) and snoozing in my big comfy chair. None of which helps me accomplish anything around the house.

Decisions, decisions.

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