A Promise Fulfilled

Originally posted on Crossroads of Dereth Tales Forum, Month Unknown 2000
This is another of my AC Darktide stories, one that I had forgotten about until a chance link from the TAO website lead me to find this and the “A Kiss Goodbye” story.

I think I wrote this mostly to celebrate finally learning some of my level 6 spells (then the highest level spells available). I learned the ones that let me buff my patron first, so that he’d be more effective in battle. I wasn’t the greatest PvP player because looking back now, I got myself stuck into the mindset of playing a support character. It’s taken me a long time to try to break that mold, but I’m learning. 🙂

The young archmage sat quietly on the ground, looking out over the desert town spread out below her. The occasional cry of a bird could be heard, but otherwise silence was her only companion. The breeze played with her hair, tugging the silvery strands into knots around her face. Sitting here like this reminded her of how much she missed the mountains of the Northlands. She missed her former home in Stonehold, where she had first met her Lord and patron. This lonesome spot reminded her of that place.
The two of them used to sit together under the night sky, simply talking and enjoying each others company. Those days were long gone now. Almost constant warfare and new dangers swept the land of Dereth, and much had happened to her since those days. Now, she lived by the edge of the western ocean, helping to carve out an oasis of peace for the Light and her fellow dragons to live in.

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Rebirth, Part IV (Final)

Originally posted on Crossroads of Dereth Tales Forum, April 2000
The final part in the “creation” story for my Asheron’s Call character, Rhyssa Fireheart.

Playing this character, and writing stories like this one (several of which I can no longer find, sadly), are a few of the reasons why I ended up “becoming” Rhyssa Fireheart, and why that name is now the one that I use regularly in other games and on message boards. Rereading the story now, over 2 years later, I have to restrain myself from doing some touch up editing. I see so much that I could have written differently, or better, but this is how I wrote it originally, sappy sentimentality and all.

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Rebirth, Part III

Originally posted on Crossroads of Dereth Tales Forum, March/April 2000.
Part 3 of the “creation” story for my Asheron’s Call character, Rhyssa Fireheart.


Mountains again. And ruins surrounding this lifestone. She touched the stone to set her soul to this place, and realized that she was probably even farther south again, further away from her beloved patron. She still could not hear his voice, nor feel his presence, and she hoped that he was all right. Protecting the Prophet of the Light was a hard job, and his duty to the Circle would always come first; she had finally accepted this, although it had caused a bit of strife in their relationship at first.

Legolas met her at the ruined city, and told her to follow, he had a place for her to stay and fight creatures. Following him, they began to run north, but only for a short distance. Legolas obviously knew the area well, for he avoided monsters with ease. Climbing a short slope, she saw a tower and low building, and between the two, another lifestone. She reset her soul to this one, and then Legolas showed her where to hunt and introduced her to a few of the other people there. This would be her new home again for a while, until it again became necessary to leave and go elsewhere.  Continue reading

Rebirth, Part II

Originally posted on Crossroads of Dereth Tales Forum, March 2000
Part 2 of the “creation” story for my Asheron’s Call character, Rhyssa Fireheart.


The portal seemed to last forever, but eventually she found herself staring at one of the twirling blue lifestones. Looking around, she didn’t recognize anything; this dry, desert land certainly wasn’t her lovely mountain home in Stonehold. She found a sign pointing off into the distance, “Samsur.” She had returned to Dereth, but far, far to the south of her home. She slumped to the ground in despair, almost sobbing from the thought of the task ahead of her. A noise off to her right made her jump up in alarm, grabbing for her wand.

She shook herself, muttering about fools who deserved to be killed, and headed out towards the city, using caution every step of the way. She reached a point where she could see into the town, but decided to go hunting drudges and shreths instead, to build her strength and power back up. She felt so… diminished somehow, not nearly as strong as she had been previously. Moving north from the town, she soon found monsters to fight, and the words of power came easily to her lips. Drudges fell easily to her warmagics, but she did not come away without injury herself.

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Rebirth, Part I

Originally posted on Crossroads of Dereth Tales Forum, February/March 2000
When my RL friends and I started playing Asheron’s Call retail back in December of 1999, we filled all our extra character slots with mules, and chained them together to form a tree. One of my characters was a mage that I named Rhyssa Fireheart. It was a name I’d previously used in D&D, and I thought it was a good choice for a mule. My main character was an archer named Daremo, which was my original online name that I used for FPS games like Quake and Tribes.

This story is one I wrote in in February/March of 2000 after I made the hard decision to reroll my character. She was a mage with almost no magics, and the ones she had weren’t enough to help her much. So I completely deleted my character and recreated her. This is the story I wrote to explain what had happened to “me” when it became apparent Rhyssa wasn’t the same anymore. I’m not sure if I should be proud or scared to say that I still play Asheron’s Call, and Rhyssa is still my main character.

We joined a guild called the Circle of the Eternal Dragon on the full PvP server Darktide. A chance remark by one of my guildmates got me thinking about role-playing, which many of us did back then. Steele was the personal protector to Monsignor Father Lucas Upright, the Prophet of the One, and he joking remarked on the message boards that all the ladies fell for Father Lucas, and paid no attention at all to a strong man-at-arms. Right then, the “idea” behind Rhyssa was born, and I became two persons in game – shy, silent Daremo, and flirtatious Lady Rhyssa Fireheart.

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