Fun game night

So some friends had a “Nightmare on <their> Street” gaming night for people to just drop in and play board games. The idea was to play Halloween or spooky themed games but since the husband isn’t much of a gamer, we decided to pull out something more generic and not as complicated to play. Which was fine for me, it’s been a while since I’ve done any tabletop gaming myself.

We started with a game called “King of Tokyo” which is a mix of king of the hill and last monster standing game. It was rather fun and I won 2/3 games, the last one with only 1 hp left. Then we moved on to “Ticket to Ride” which I’ve played before but the husband hasn’t. It’s one of those game where trying to explain the rules makes it sound so confusing but once you start playing, it makes total sense. The husband did pretty good for his first time playing, coming in second and finished two points ahead of me. I would have won if people hadn’t started blocking random routes meaning I couldn’t finish one of my tickets.

It was an enjoyable time and I had a lot of fun seeing some friends I haven’t in a long time. Plus the husband had a good time doing something that is usually a “me” thing.

Fanart – D.Gray-Man

Finished a new fanart piece this week – Inspector Howard Link from the manga D.Gray-Man. This one is like my Sakura and Hinata pieces; I used a photo reference for the basic lines and changed them to match the character.

LITH Bark Park Logo

Description: A logo for the Lake in the Hills, IL Bark Park (dog park).


Features: Custom logo creation.

Completed: 2006

LITH Bark Park Logo

Guild Wars Preview Weekend

So after hearing some of the chatter from guildmates and here at Grimwell Online regarding Guild Wars, I decided to hop into the free demo weekend that was held October 29-31.

Downloading the client was simple and quick, and on the default settings, the game looked good. The streaming content (one of the features) didn’t seem to take especially long to download to my system at all, even during US prime time hours. As Tobold has already mentioned in his excellent write-up, each area of the game is instanced into districts. You can tell at a glance which district you are in by looking at the location box in the upper left corner of the screen. The information is there if you choose to use it, without being intrusive or hidden away in some obscure submenu.  Continue reading

Impressions of Lineage II

It took me almost 3 months and countless rewrites, but I finally finished this impressions review of Lineage 2. I don’t usually write specific game reviews, so this was hard for me to do. I think it came out rather well, and I gladly posted it over at Grimwell Online.

Lineage II (L2) has been in retail now for 3 full months, and the highly anticipated release of the Chronicle 1 (C1) patch was finally released on June 28th. I’ve been playing L2 since very shortly before the end of closed beta and these are my experiences up to now. So far I’ve been enjoying myself. Mostly, it’s the “new shiny” feeling that every MMOG has, but also it’s because my most recent prior game was Shadowbane. Plus ca change, plus ca reste la meme chose!

So here is a recap of my escapades in the world of Aden, or at least a writeup about some aspects of the game itself. Continue reading