Fun game night

So some friends had a “Nightmare on <their> Street” gaming night for people to just drop in and play board games. The idea was to play Halloween or spooky themed games but since the husband isn’t much of a gamer, we decided to pull out something more generic and not as complicated to play. Which was fine for me, it’s been a while since I’ve done any tabletop gaming myself.

We started with a game called “King of Tokyo” which is a mix of king of the hill and last monster standing game. It was rather fun and I won 2/3 games, the last one with only 1 hp left. Then we moved on to “Ticket to Ride” which I’ve played before but the husband hasn’t. It’s one of those game where trying to explain the rules makes it sound so confusing but once you start playing, it makes total sense. The husband did pretty good for his first time playing, coming in second and finished two points ahead of me. I would have won if people hadn’t started blocking random routes meaning I couldn’t finish one of my tickets.

It was an enjoyable time and I had a lot of fun seeing some friends I haven’t in a long time. Plus the husband had a good time doing something that is usually a “me” thing.

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