Another Random Update

Well, I’ve been wandering around in WoW, just playing and dinking around with other characters once again. I’m not rushing to level any of my alts though, because I’m enjoying the leveling process again. I’m trying to do and find quests that I didn’t complete the first time around, or do see how the class specific ones differ, and it’s been nice. No pressure, and if I feel in the need for some PvP, well Southshore is a quick flight away (as I did last night. Mass group PvP can be so fun).

I’ve mostly been working on trying to come up with a new look for the HoS website, because the one we are using now is from 2002 and it shows. My skills have far surpassed what they were back then, it’s just a matter of getting Cyreen to agree and update things. Oh well, at least it’s entertaining for me. I’ll post links to some of the work I’ve done lately for this.

I’m also finishing some work on a stylesheet switcher for the different looks I’ve had since I started using CSS regularly, but I want to make sure that the code in those old stylesheets is solid and works properly before unveiling it. I’ll have those two new/old stories up today as well as a few other image links for signatures and other graphics.

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