EQ2 Decorating – Yimenee’s Magic Manor (5 room)

Yimenee’s home, done in May 2009, was my first experience with the Qeynos style 5 room house. I’d been dying to try my hand out at decorating one of these homes and Yim obliged. With some plat in hand and my own carpenter skills (I leveled these up so much creating items for his home) plus a heavy dose of inspiration from the Norrathian Homeshow forum, I came up with something that worked well for what Yimenee wanted.  Continue reading

EQ2 update, still going strong

Yep, despite my occasional belief that the only reason I still play EQ2 is to decorate houses, I’m still playing and enjoying myself. I may only log in and poke around doing quests here and there on my alts, but even that is enjoyable. I can play at any time really and have something to do. Even if I’m just cleaning out grey quests on the alts, I can get in, do a quick quest or two and log off without feeling like I must keep playing. And that is something I’ve found I prefer these days.

So here’s some basic character updates:  Continue reading

Vault Network Graphics

Description: Vault Network is a gaming news portal website for consoles, online, and RPG gaming.  It also has a large base of gaming fansites as part of its network.  These graphics were created for the fansites as featured article teasers and small teaser links using images and screenshots from the games.  This is a small selection of the large number of graphics produced over a three year period.

URL: http://vault.ign.com/

Features: Custom graphics.

Completed: 2006 – 2009

Feature Article Images

VN Graphics - Guild WarsVN Graphics - Lord of the RingsVN Graphics - Lord of the RingsVN Graphics - World of Warcraft


Article Teaser Images

VN Graphics - Vanguard: Saga of HeroesVN Graphics - Pirates of the Burning SeaVN Graphics - Pirates of the Burning Sea


Assorted Fansite/Staff Blog Images

VN Graphics - Lineage IIVN Graphics - World of WarcraftVN Graphics - Rosethorn blog header


Vault Network Specific Images

VN Graphics - Editorial bannerVN Graphics - Gaming List bannerVN Graphics - Vault Comic bannerVN Graphics - Guild Database banner


More from EQ2’s Refer-a-Friend Program

It’s a really good idea, actually.  Seeing how it works in action now, the whole concept is well thought out and can give newer players a huge boost to catch up with long-time existing players. And the benefit isn’t just one way, as I mentioned in my other post.  Just grouping means each of us gets 200% experience bonus.  Now, on top of the double experience from having vitality, I’m thinking that works out to something like 300% XP total without using potions.

But that can lead to problems really, especially outleveling content too quickly.  Right now, the friend that I’m grouping with is level 67 and he’s done almost no quests at all.  He’s not a complete newb to EQ2; we played on Nagafen back in 2006 when HoS made a chapter there.  He couldn’t remember his old account information and started a new one instead, which is why we’re both benefitting here.  So he’s familiar with the older questlines and such, but he’s passing it over at the moment in a drive to reach 80 before the friend bonus runs out after 90 days. Considering that we aren’t even 30 days in yet (he’s still in the free month portion of his sub) we’ve got plenty of time.  Continue reading

EQ2 – Refer a Friend program

So EQ2 has this pretty cool idea going on – Refer a Friend program/promotion, which means that if you get a friend to sign up and subscribe (not just do the trial), both of you benefit. By linking your game accounts together (for this purpose only, I’m sure), anytime you and your friend(s) are grouped and you’ve mentored down, you both get an XP bonus. It’s designed to help get your friend up to speed fast, especially if you have a max level character and they are just starting out.

Well, it works.   Continue reading

The PvP Files: In the Garden of Good and Evil

This is an article I meant to write years ago, back when Grimwell Online was just getting started. It was going to be an ongoing debate about the merits of “good” versus “evil” in online PvP gaming. Obviously I never wrote the article, but as MMOs came and went, I never stopped thinking about player conflict and how it was driven.

As I’ve mentioned before, my first online multiplayer game was Asheron’s Call. Logging in for the first time, a new player was allowed to choose one of three races – Aluvian, Sho and Gharundian, respectively based on the cultures of Western Europe, Asia and the Middle East, more or less. You then picked out a pre-made template or if you were daring, played around with stats and created your own template. A starting city was chosen for you based on your race and away you went, happily killing monsters by the dozens. Other than racial preferences (Aluvians preferred daggers, Gharus were spear and Sho used unarmed weapons), there were no real differences between the races or classes really. Picking Sho simply meant you got a +5 to your unarmed (UA) skill and your avatar looked vaguely oriental, but that’s it. Your character wasn’t classified as “good” or “evil” based on anything other than your actions in game.Continue reading

The PvP Files: Where the Real Gaming Is

One could be forgiven for assuming that the real gaming in MMORPGs goes on inside the virtual worlds created by developers and played by millions of people every day. While it’s true that the endless hours spent logged in to games such as World of Warcraft or Everquest II count as playing the game, it is definitely not the whole story. There is another level of gaming that occurs outside the games themselves, one that enables players to form bonds across different games, genres and platforms. One that can be played at any time of the day, logged in or not. This is the real game, where reputations can be made or broken, were enemies can brag and recruits found. This is the world of the message board.  Continue reading

The PvP Files: Breaking the Game

How the use of mods and add-ons affect online gaming

The use of mods and add-ons is very prevalent in online gaming today, whether or not the game designers permit it.  These programs range from the simple (Teamspeak overlay add-on that allows you to see in game who is speaking) and usable by anyone to the complex (programs such as ACTools, which can be used for macroing) which can require more detailed coding knowledge.  But even if the intent of such tools is benign, the actual effect can be far more profound and game-breaking in the long run.  Continue reading

The Thrill of the Kill

Virtual kill that is, as in online gaming PvP.

I worked from home yesterday because of a dentist appointment in the morning. My work commute is too damn long for me to be able to schedule appointments and get downtown in the same day. So I came home instead. And since it was also a very slow day, I had time to get online and feed my WoW gaming addiction a bit.

I decided to play my level 43 mage some and do a series of quests in a zone that I skipped over on my warrior when I was leveling her up. These are in the desert zone of Tanaris and would give me faction in the neutral town Gadgetzan. Not a bad deal and leveling in contested zones is always a bit easier during the day time (US server and all).

Continue reading