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I added the screenshots and information about the vBulletin 4.x forum skin customization I did for Matt James over at  I think the skin turned out great and it was just what he wanted.  I’m glad I’ve gotten into the habit of taking full page screen grabs after completing a project so I can have pics for my records.  I didn’t do that properly for some of my older works and now it’s too late since those sites are offline now.

One of the biggest frustrations I have with redoing my entire portfolio online (and the reason I don’t have anything up as of today for Illustration and Colorings) is because I’ve changed how I want the thumbnails to look.  Presenting the whole artwork image or screenshot of a website is easy, but over the years I’ve done the thumbnails in several different ways.  For a while I used tiny 50x50px images, then I went to 100x100px size ones.  I used some slightly larger, vertical sized images and most recently, I’ve settled on the 150x75px images now on the site.  Changing the look of the thumbnails isn’t a huge problem, except for all the work going opening each piece of work, putting the spot I want to feature into the master template file, tweaking how it looks, and then creating the thumbnail.  It’s not particularly hard or anything, just tedious to a certain degree.  Which is why I haven’t finished those two sections yet.  I really do need to get them completed asap.

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