Poking the bear

Why do some idiots insist on poking the bear, aka aggravating the admin of the forum they post on?

I get that occasional members on the OneManga forums think they should be allowed to post whatever they like without regard to the rules. You get all kinds and the crying/whining/bitching that results when the rules are applied by staff can be amusing. Most members will simply apologize and go on. A few will try to reasonably argue their point for why they posted as they did, and in a few instances, have even won their cases. It does happen.

But then there is a rare member who decides that the mods/admins are just out to prevent their free expression of speech on the site (despite the fact that the First Amendment doesn’t really apply to a private run forum) and so they become commandos, out to defeat the oppression. Or something like that.

It’s even more cute and endearing when the member starts creating duplicate accounts to sockpuppet their way under the radar. Except that staff has ways to tell if duplicate accounts are being used. It’s really not that hard to figure out, to tell you the truth. And yet, the sockpuppet thinks they are invisible and unknown and therefore able to poke and try to aggravate the admin at their leisure.

Except that I know who you are, dude. I know about your “original” account and now the two other accounts you’ve logged in on since the big threat you left on my profile wall. Honestly, if you’re going to try to attack me or make me mad, at least try to post differently on your various accounts. I know, I know. Roleplaying can be hard if you’re clueless, which you obviously are. The first rule of not giving yourself away – don’t come onto my profile wall on one of your other accounts and start commenting about how much of a meanie I am to your original account, which you supposedly have no connection to and no reason to be associated with or commenting about. How hard is that?

Right now I’m still in amusement mode, which means I reply in a vague fashion, poke back a bit and just hand the idiot all the rope he needs. It’s fun because this person obviously doesn’t seem to get that I’m really not invested in their tantrum and only responding for as long as I’m entertained. Once the entertainment goes away, out comes the ban hammer and away go those other accounts. I’m debating on whether or not to leave the original one active or not.

Ah, the joys of being a forum admin.

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