End of year babblings – 2011 version

Once again, I’ve decided that changing the purpose of my website here is the thing to do, so that’s what I’ve done. I ended up not liking the whole portfolio on the main URL and blog updates on a sub-domain URL. I ended up not updating either site then and that bothered me as well. Finally, I’ve decided to just use my main URL for updates and blog posts and any artwork/writings I’ve done and I’ll worry about a formal “portfolio” later on. So since I’d barely updated the blog sub-domain site, transferring those posts to the main site was easy.

The harder part was adding in all the old posts from previous iterations of the site. All that internet history was missing and I was determined to get it back online somehow. I’ve since found an old localhost file which is a backup copy of the site back when I was still using Joomla. This is a good thing since that particular version of the site was probably the most complete it’s been in years, and now I just need to copy-paste it all into WordPress. Easier said than done, but it’s actually not too onerous either, especially not once it dawned on me that putting the text from the CSV file straight into the HTML tab of post entry makes all those random characters go away (or get rendered properly as punctuation). Now things are breezing along much more smoothly, although getting that L2 review entered was a chore because it was contained in multiple cells.

Which is another reason I’m glad I found this file – it has all my old articles from when I posted for Grimwell Online. Multiple commentaries, game reviews and general information – all of it in that little file and soon to be back up online. It does surprise me how old some of this stuff is; I’ve really gotten out of the habit of writing about my gaming or anything else. Maybe finally completing this “upgrade” will prompt me to get back in the game again.

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