So here I am, down at the in-laws place in NC. The trip down was fine, the flight went well (despite the high number of kids on the plane) and we arrived at their place as it started raining hard. No biggie, my husband’s aunt was there while the MiL had run out to the store. And that started our four days with family over running the house.

I haven’t spent much time around kids and it’s a huge adjustment dealing with my bro-in-law’s little monsters running around unchecked. Neither hears “no” very often, that’s apparent. Still, they are kids and accommodations must be made. It is nice that my MiL’s side of the family is together, even if it’s for a fairly sad reason (his one uncle was told his cancer is back) so this time with everyone is pretty valuable. But, when you usually get to enjoy a few nice days hanging out and reading, dealing with a horde of 17 people can be too much.

It doesn’t help that the in-laws house isn’t really set up for gatherings for all that it’s got a nice open layout. Gatherings require places to sit, IMO. Now we have the “final” get together before everyone leaves and it’ll be back to the in-laws, the bro-in-law and his family, and me and the husband. Until tomorrow when the rest of us leave. I’ll be glad to get back to my routine, although I suspect that means I’m boring, set in my ways, and not social enough (my own assessment of myself). Oh well.

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