Well, that looks odd…

Yes, the background totally doesn’t match the rest of the site.  I’ve been meaning to edit this/a theme to customize it for the site but I’ve also been incredibly lazy and not done so until now.  Partly because I had no idea what colors I wanted to go with.  But I think I’m going to go with a teal-based theme of some sort and see how that works out.

I just spent most of the evening working on my map-making skills.  Yes, cartography for fun and profit, or not.  Mostly because I think it’s cool to make maps and while I’ve poked around at doing them in the past, I never put any serious effort into making one.  So I have a base map I’m working on and trying out different things to get the geographical details looking good.  I mostly want it to be something that looks real and not just a random assortment of things called a map.  That part is hard.  Just because I feel like putting a mountain range in a location doesn’t mean I don’t have to think about why that range is there and what the lands around said range would be like.  It’s a lot of planning, really.  Once I have something finished (and I will finish this eventually) I’ll be sure to post it up for critique somewhere.

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