I live!

And I’m now under my “real” name.  It feels weird to make the change from posting as “Lori” versus posting as “Rhyssa” since I’ve been using my online alias for so many years.  Plus the whole starting on the internet (in gaming, no less) back when keeping your anonymity was the way to go.  Along with using the same online name as a way to identify people across games.  I haven’t particularly hidden that Lori = Rhyssa for years now, but for some reason, I just haven’t made the switch here, on what should be my personal site to showcase my art and writings.    I don’t know what’s prompted me to make the change today, but there you go.

Hi, I’m Lori and this is my (woefully under used) website. /waves

New Post

How pithy of me.

Anyways, I’m getting tired of my own laziness and need to get my act together soon. I want to finish customising a template for the site, I have several ideas for art projects I want to start, I need to finish editing a new theme for the One Manga Forums so that can be made active. Just so many things I want to do but I’ve been too darn lazy to even start. Time to change that.

Fun game night

So some friends had a “Nightmare on <their> Street” gaming night for people to just drop in and play board games.  The idea was to play Halloween or spooky themed games but since the husband isn’t much of a gamer, we decided to pull out something more generic and not as complicated to play.  Which was fine for me, it’s been a while since I’ve done any tabletop gaming myself.

We started with a game called “King of Tokyo” which is a mix of king of the hill and last monster standing game.  It was rather fun and I won 2/3 games, the last one with only 1 hp left.  Then we moved on to “Ticket to Ride” which I’ve played before but the husband hasn’t.  It’s one of those game where trying to explain the rules makes it sound so confusing but once you start playing, it makes total sense.  The husband did pretty good for his first time playing, coming in second and finished two points ahead of me.  I would have won if people hadn’t started blocking random routes meaning I couldn’t finish one of my tickets.

It was an enjoyable time and I had a lot of fun seeing some friends I haven’t in a long time.  Plus the husband had a good time doing something that is usually a “me” thing.

Sunday Rest

Sundays should be a day of rest. Spent yesterday working in the yard getting it ready for winter. It’s a bit early but the hostas were already all wilted from cold so cutting those down made sense. From there raking up wet leaves from the mulch beds was next, and then the husband mowed the lawn. We still have a few trees with leaves, a lot actually, since those trees drop very late in the season, so he’ll have to mow at least once more. But it feels good to see how nice the yard looks.

So tired now.

The husband and I took a week off the gym for vacation and I can feel it. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with taking a vacation but getting back in the workouts is tough. Tonight was the bike and weights (tomorrow is swimming) and my legs ache; especially my knees. But it also feels good after the workout is over.

Ahh, that looks better.

Finally took some time to edit the template I was using into something I liked better.  I’m having trouble figuring out what accept color I was to use though.  The orange is just not working, I don’t want another variation of blue, yellow/creams = no, and I think red is too close to the orange.  Some variation of green perhaps?  I shall have to try this out.

After straightening out the little tidbits of the template, my next step is to straighten out my categories and tags lists.  I was an idiot and put way too many categories instead of utilizing the tag system properly, so that’s got to be switched up.  Not to mention cleaning up a few old fanfic stories I’ve written and getting them posted finally, before I’m completely out of fandom.


So here I am, down at the in-laws place in NC. The trip down was fine, the flight went well (despite the high number of kids on the plane) and we arrived at their place as it started raining hard. No biggie, my husband’s aunt was there while the MiL had run out to the store. And that started our four days with family over running the house.

I haven’t spent much time around kids and it’s a huge adjustment dealing with my bro-in-law’s little monsters running around unchecked. Neither hears “no” very often, that’s apparent. Still, they are kids and accommodations must be made. It is nice that my MiL’s side of the family is together, even if it’s for a fairly sad reason (his one uncle was told his cancer is back) so this time with everyone is pretty valuable. But, when you usually get to enjoy a few nice days hanging out and reading, dealing with a horde of 17 people can be too much.

It doesn’t help that the in-laws house isn’t really set up for gatherings for all that it’s got a nice open layout. Gatherings require places to sit, IMO. Now we have the “final” get together before everyone leaves and it’ll be back to the in-laws, the bro-in-law and his family, and me and the husband. Until tomorrow when the rest of us leave. I’ll be glad to get back to my routine, although I suspect that means I’m boring, set in my ways, and not social enough (my own assessment of myself). Oh well.

Well, that looks odd…

Yes, the background totally doesn’t match the rest of the site.  I’ve been meaning to edit this/a theme to customize it for the site but I’ve also been incredibly lazy and not done so until now.  Partly because I had no idea what colors I wanted to go with.  But I think I’m going to go with a teal-based theme of some sort and see how that works out.

I just spent most of the evening working on my map-making skills.  Yes, cartography for fun and profit, or not.  Mostly because I think it’s cool to make maps and while I’ve poked around at doing them in the past, I never put any serious effort into making one.  So I have a base map I’m working on and trying out different things to get the geographical details looking good.  I mostly want it to be something that looks real and not just a random assortment of things called a map.  That part is hard.  Just because I feel like putting a mountain range in a location doesn’t mean I don’t have to think about why that range is there and what the lands around said range would be like.  It’s a lot of planning, really.  Once I have something finished (and I will finish this eventually) I’ll be sure to post it up for critique somewhere.


Hmm, I think I’ve used this post title before.  Oh well.  It’s another update, I haven’t waited a year to do this, and the title amuses me.  That’s all that’s needed.

So, I’m back to playing EQ2 again.  Over Memorial Day weekend, SOE had double xp on which meant I could get the AA I needed to start leveling Darema past 90 and to work on a few of my alts.  Just from poking around the Destiny of Velious (DoV) expansion lands and doing the initial quests there got me quite a few AA just on my own, but I finished up the last few I needed in a guild group plowing through contested Skyskrine.  That was some funtimes and I’m now almost 91.

I’ve also unmentored Dareka and took her to Kylong Plains to work quests there and managed to hit 79 last night.  Not a bad achievement and she’s rather effective once I bought some decent gear.  Of course, everything I’ve fought so far has been green, so that’s not a huge deal either.  I also brought Riossa out to do the Strange Black Rock HQ on Monday night.  Danielle ran a small group through the quest in no time and since 2xp was still going on, I got Rio to 31 as well.  That also gave me the opportunity to practice being a healer in a group, since he’s a mystic and that’s theoretically his job – to heal.  I’d been soloing until now so group dynamics were good.  I need more practice.  No one died but I tend to focus on my target (the tank) too much and not look at the other group members health enough.