EQ2 Decorating – Yimenee’s Magic Manor (5 room)

Yimenee’s home, done in May 2009, was my first experience with the Qeynos style 5 room house. I’d been dying to try my hand out at decorating one of these homes and Yim obliged. With some plat in hand and my own carpenter skills (I leveled these up so much creating items for his home) plus a heavy dose of inspiration from the Norrathian Homeshow forum, I came up with something that worked well for what Yimenee wanted. 

He had general ideas of what he wanted each room to be used for, and using those guidelines, I went to work. Again I based my initial plans on what this character already owned and supplemented that with what I could create or buy off the broker for an affordable amount (aka, no rares unless I could craft them, he owned them, or he wanted to buy them himself). I didn’t want to blow his item count out of the water either, so simplicity was the name of the game.

All-in-all, I’m pleased with how this house turned out although, as usual, there are many things I might do differently if I were to decorate it now. In addition, shortly after I finished doing his house, Yim went on summer break, so he’s actually not had that much chance to see the final completed house. I need to wait until he comes back before finding out what he thinks about things.

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