EQ2 update, still going strong

Yep, despite my occasional belief that the only reason I still play EQ2 is to decorate houses, I’m still playing and enjoying myself. I may only log in and poke around doing quests here and there on my alts, but even that is enjoyable. I can play at any time really and have something to do. Even if I’m just cleaning out grey quests on the alts, I can get in, do a quick quest or two and log off without feeling like I must keep playing. And that is something I’ve found I prefer these days.

So here’s some basic character updates: 
Still my main character. I really do like playing the dirge. She’s been level 80 since March now and I’m slowly picking away at my epic weapon quest. Eventually I’ll have to start looking for groups to go into the two instances I need for updates, but I’m not in a huge rush, tbh. With all the decorating I’ve been doing lately (I’m going to start posting the houses I’ve done this year) my carpenter skill keeps going up. Right now I’m at level 72 and I have high hopes of actually reaching level 80 before the next expansion comes out in February 2010 and raises the level again.

My Fae monk, level 54 now. I’d consider her my secondary character, mostly because she is so different from the dirge. Monks are far more able to take on even level monsters than the dirge ever was, although that can depend on gear and combat arts level. I need to upgrade her gear and CAs badly, since I’ve been letting them slide lately. That’s part of the reason why I’ve been spending so much time clearing out grey quests, since my gear and spells are more than adequate for those kinds of quests. But if I want to play her more regularly, I need to upgrade.

My Arasai fury, level 43ish. I go back and forth on whether I like playing a fury or not. I like being able to heal myself on one hand, but on the other she’s not the most durable class around. Since I haven’t grouped with her recently, and as with Dareka, I’ve been spending time clearing out grey quests (a lot of them – go go collectible leveling!), I have no idea what she’s like in higher level groups as a healer. Again, I need to do some serious upgrading before I can really play her much though.

My newest alt, she’s a Dark Elf coercer. I actually created the character back in March but with concentrating on Darema more, I’ve only managed to get up to level 24. It’s fine, I’m not rushing my leveling and she’s not getting too much in the way of collectibles, since they filter down through Dareka and Soulrider first. Still, I’m not sure if I like this class or not. She’s amazingly durable for a cloth wearing class, but the whole pet charm is a pain after a while. If there is any one spell I need to keep at the highest level I can manage, it’s the charm spell. Right now it has a habit of ending (early) right in the middle of a fight, which is how I find out how durable my character is when I have both the mob and the pet beating on me.

Besides assorted throwaway characters made to take advantage of various live events (Moonlight Madness, for example), those are all the active characters I have going. I still have two characters on Nagafen, (the original) Darema, also a dirge, and Rhyssa, a coercer as well, IIRC, but I’m not willing to get rid of either of those characters yet to make room. (side rant) WTH SOE only allows 7 characters total is beyond me. I’d be fine with 7 chars per server only – hell, 5 chars per server is fine – but not 7 chars total when there are over 20 classes alone to choose from (end side rant). I’ll eventually have someone help me get Rhyssa retagged to the old House of Sagacious tag, promote her to the GL and then I can finally delete the original Darema, but only if I’m really desperate for a character slot. For now, they’re fine as they are.

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