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So as I’m adding older posts back in and trying to create new content (*laugh*), I’ve realized that the category/tag system is defeating me. Right now I have a mix of each kind depending on when I created an entry. I’m thinking more that I should use broader categories (Art, Design, Gaming) and then use tags for more refinement (Fanart, names of each game, type of graphic) instead of creating categories to further refine searches. It would be a PITA to have to redo everything once I decide on a method, but what’s new about that for me?

2012 has started out pretty good. I got a NOOK Tablet for Christmas and have found several really good, free ebooks on the Barnes & Noble site. I need to sit down and write some reviews of the stories, because I want to and because I want to get back into the habit of writing again. I used to do so much more sharing of my thoughts.


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