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So something seems to be up with my old jump drive (flash drive, pen drive, whateveryouwanttocallit). I’ve had this thing for years, dating back to when 512MB was HUGE and it cost me $60 to buy it (thankfully expensed to the old employer). So, jump drive not working in Win7 for some reason, even though I’m pretty certain it’s worked there before. Now, I don’t use the drive all the much but I do happen to carry it in my purse all the time. Why? No idea. And now it’s not working for some reason.

This is a problem because the only items I kept on there were my stories in progress, and I’ve been a bad girl and not backed up the jump drive to the main computer hard drive. So when I was wasting time at work on my lunch hour and wanted to just take some of my old stories and upload them straight from the drive rather than deal with the old Joomla database back-up, I couldn’t do it. No drive. From researching the issue I don’t believe the drive is dead, just not working in Win7 for some reason. I have an older laptop hanging around I’ll boot up and see if the drive works there and if so, then I’ll back-up all the stuff there. Mostly because I have a story I’ve been poking at writing for a few years now and eventually plan to finish. And because I don’t want to try rewriting it all. If I lose the drive, then I’ll just never go back to those stories and in at least one of them, I’m far enough along that it would be a shame to give up on it.

The bright spot though was when I was poking through my old computer back-up file and I found a back-up copy of the database from the blogging system I used before Joomla! So there are even older updates and files in that database that I can save here. It really is a PITA, but I think once I have all the various writings and other updates reloaded here, my online “life” will be as complete as I can make it. Why does that matter? It probably doesn’t in the long run, but it is rather interesting to go back through some of my old posts and read about what I wrote then.


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