Minor Update

Nothing special has been going on. I’m still going to Zumba classes on Sunday mornings and it still hurts like a mofo when I’m done. I hate being the fattest chick there but I keep sticking to it. Plus I can see changes in me that I like, so pain is worth it.

Art-wise, the only thing I’m working on at the moment is a map. I’ve been interested in cartography for a bit, even tried making some maps for a friend’s campaign but it didn’t come out too well. So I’m working on something new and trying out a few different techniques. I’ve seen some nice examples over on the EN World site that have given me some ideas to try out so that’s my current project. I’ll post something eventually.

Otherwise, just waiting for it to warm up here so I can do some more work outside on the landscaping. We’ve already put down some more mulch to fill in new spaces and patch some areas where the mulch was thin. To be honest, the landscaped areas could absorb another 10-15 bags worth of mulch and it would be fine. We plan to start adding actual plants this year and building up those areas slowly.

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