Hmm, I think I’ve used this post title before. Oh well. It’s another update, I haven’t waited a year to do this, and the title amuses me. That’s all that’s needed.

So, I’m back to playing EQ2 again. Over Memorial Day weekend, SOE had double xp on which meant I could get the AA I needed to start leveling Darema past 90 and to work on a few of my alts. Just from poking around the Destiny of Velious (DoV) expansion lands and doing the initial quests there got me quite a few AA just on my own, but I finished up the last few I needed in a guild group plowing through contested Skyskrine. That was some fun times and I’m now almost 91.

I’ve also unmentored Dareka and took her to Kylong Plains to work quests there and managed to hit 79 last night. Not a bad achievement and she’s rather effective once I bought some decent gear. Of course, everything I’ve fought so far has been green, so that’s not a huge deal either. I also brought Riossa out to do the Strange Black Rock HQ on Monday night. Danielle ran a small group through the quest in no time and since 2xp was still going on, I got Rio to 31 as well. That also gave me the opportunity to practice being a healer in a group, since he’s a mystic and that’s theoretically his job – to heal. I’d been soloing until now so group dynamics were good. I need more practice. No one died but I tend to focus on my target (the tank) too much and not look at the other group members health enough.

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