2014 in Review

Now that 2015 has arrived, I thought it made sense to do an art review of 2014.  It was the year that I got back into traditional media instead of solely doing digital art.  In fact, I’ve been enjoying using my paints that I’ve done almost no digital art at all this year, except for editing my photos to show off what I’ve been doing.  And I’m fine with that.  I’ve reached a point in my life where I don’t want to spend all my time sitting in front of a computer.  I get enough of that for work that being able to move about and paint at my drawing table is a huge relief.

I started the year out slowly but by September, I was really rocking.  I began with “proto-aliens” (which eventually turned into the alien creatures), moved through doing suns and moons, which fed into the retro circles.  All are loosely related series that I want to keep working in as my interests take me.

I gathered up some images to as a visual year in review, which is how I found out I really didn’t produce any images in July but really had some output in September.

2014 in review
2014 in review
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