30 paintings in 30 days!


After being reminded about Leslie Saeta’s 30-in-30 challenge which started today, I signed up and got started.  I did my first 30-in-30 back in October when I participated in Inktober and enjoyed that quite a bit.  I’m hoping I can push myself more to get 2015 started off on a good foot.  I don’t have a definite theme right now, although the general idea will be “growth”.  Growth as an artist, growth as a person.  I want to use this as a time to try new things and expand what I’m currently doing.

To that end, I got out the gouache paints again.  I haven’t used them in a while and when I did, I tended to treat them more like watercolors than anything else.  The goal for day 1 was to use the gouache as more opaque colors and just put marks on paper.  I’m not entirely sure if I like this, but I did achieve my goal of getting started.

“Rain” (Day 1)
Gouache and yellow ink on watercolor paper, 12″ x 9″

Rain | Gouache and ink on paper | 9" x 12" | January 30-in-30 Challenge
Rain | Gouache and ink on paper | 9″ x 12″ | January 30-in-30 Challenge
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