September 30-in-30 Challenge – Days 11 and 12

So I’m posting late today, mostly because I had to get a good photo of day 11 and finish day 12 first.  I actually had other things to do around the house, hence the not posting until after 9pm my time.  Day 11 took me longer to complete than my usual abstracts, mostly because it’s not an abstract.  It’s a tree.  A friend posted a photo of a Japanese Maple and it just screamed “PAINT ME” in my head.  So I tried to.  Other than looking at the photo while doing basic lines, I pretty much ignored it thereafter, so there.  I like how it turned out, although the ground is kind of neon-y looking.

Day 12 is the first of my just playing around with dripping color onto very wet paper and adding more water to get it to flow down the page.  Added more color, then more water, rinse, repeat.  It was messy and fun at the same time.  Part of what also makes it fun is the bleed from my tape.  I use blue painter’s tape to hold my paper to the backing “board” (for these smaller pieces, I use plastic mouse mats, tbh) and I tend to reuse them a few times when possible.  What that means is I end up with color dried on the tape and when wetting a new page, some of that can bleed out onto the paper.  I used to be all worried and tried to avoid it but now I just embrace that added bit of color.  It can make things interesting.

Day 11 – “Japanese Maple”
Watercolor on paper
4″ x 6″

Japanese Maple (Day 11)

Japanese Maple | Watercolor on paper | 4″ x 6″ | 2015


Day 12 – “Flow”
Watercolor on paper
5″ x 6″

Flow (Day 12)

Flow | Watercolor on paper | 5″ x 7″ | 2015

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