State of the Art for January 2022

So I’ve finally gotten myself motivated enough to make some changes around the site, update and add missing photos of paintings from previous years, update the galleries to better show my art, and I’m making a blog post.  This is a momentous day!

I’m seriously not motivated enough to dig into editing CSS of free WordPress themes in order to edit them.  I used to do that far more.  Now I just look for themes what I like and I think will work for me.  The theme I’ve been using for a while – Vantage – worked but I wasn’t completely happy with it.  So I finally started looking at the built-in customization options that the theme has and found that I can change things up to much better match what I’m looking for.  Along with actually digging into the options for FooGallery to show photos, and I’ve made a lot of changes to the galleries and to the front page.  I’m very much happier with the overall look of the site.

I changed the galleries from Illustration/Abstracts/Digital Works to 2019 and Older works/2020-2021 works/Current works instead.  At one time I thought it made sense but the pieces I had in Illustrations were all very old, nothing recent which reflects that I’m focusing more on abstracts now so it makes sense to remove that as gallery.  I didn’t want to have too many links so kept it at three for now.  I may add a gallery for the past postcard swaps/ATC swaps/TAE charity specific pieces I’ve done, if only to call those out.

I still keep telling myself I’ll update a Writings page to link to the various stories and fanfics I’ve written in the past.  Maybe if I do that, I’ll get my writing motivation back and finish some of the outstanding stories I have going.

Oh, and I should probably figure out some way to list paintings for sale if I actually want to do that.  I certainly wouldn’t mind letting my art get out there into the world.

Also – I have my first painting of 2022 completed!

Watercolor on paper
7″ x 10″

Connections | Watercolor on paper | 7" x 10" | 2022

Connections | Watercolor on paper | 7″ x 10″ | 2022

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