September 30-in-30 Challenge – Day 8

I decided to switch from the blues and greens I’d been using and go with something more fall-like.  I had no plan in mind with this, so when I started adding the lines that became the flowers, it didn’t feel complete.  This time, adding the blue ink lines and dots fit perfectly and I really like how the piece turned out.  Now if I could only get my scanner to behave; everything ends up looking dull and washed out.

Day 8 – “Flower Power”
Watercolor and ink on paper
5″ x 7″

Flower Power (Day 8)

Flower Power | Watercolor and ink on paper | 5″ x 7″ | 2015


September 30-in-30 Challenge – Day 7

After the disaster that was day 6, I’m happy with my experiments for day 7.  Another artist who’s work I really enjoy is Stephanie Law and she tends to incorporate spirals into her works in interesting ways.  I’d been wanting to try something like that out and ended up making an attempt for today’s piece.  It’s rough but I’m figuring things out as I go.  This time my blacks actually resemble black (well.. more grey but close!) and I had fun working on how to do the spirals without just drawing a line.  Plus, I got out my iridescent watercolors and added some bling to this piece.

Day 7 – “Midnight Sun”
Watercolor on paper
4″ x 6″

Midnight Sun (Day 7)

Midnight Sun | Watercolor on paper | 4″ x 6″ | 2015


September 30-in-30 Challenge – Day 6

Well, I’ve been hinting about this one and here it is.  As I described it to my husband – “It fell from the ugly tree and hit all the branches on the way down.”  He promptly said he liked it, LOL!  Go figure.

I was trying for something like a nebula or a galaxy.. bright, diffused colors against a black sky, but my black apparently dries purple-ish, my paper buckled in such a way to form two channels in the middle (making this seem like a triptych, almost) and the colors were muted.  So once I saw this just was not going to work out, I just started doing whatever to see what I’d end up with.  And here it is.

Day 6 – “The Ugly Tree
Watercolor on paper
4″ x 12”

The Ugly Tree (2015)

The Ugly Tree | Watercolor on paper | 4″ x 12″ | 2015

September 30-in-30 Challenge – Day 5

Went back to what I’d been doing before – layering paint onto paper.  I really should come up with a name for these paintings, because they are definitely done in the same theme/technique/style/whatever and are more than just abstracts.  Only 5 days into the challenge and I’ve noticed something – I’m on a green kick, lol!  Oh well, I can live with that.  Tomorrow’s painting isn’t green though, I can tell you that much!

I also decided to revisit my scanner and see if it would be even remotely useful.  Considering the last time I tried scanning a painting the colors were way over-exposed, I was worried I’d have the same issue because my favorite victim – turquoise/teal – was present again, but it took a bit less color adjusting that I thought it would.  Plus I can scan at 200dpi rather than taking a photo with my phone and then trying to upscale if I want a higher dpi image.  After doing all the color adjusting.  So I’ll see how this works out.  Anyways… a painting…

Day 5 – “The Paths of Light”
Watercolor on paper
5″ x 7″

The Paths of Light ( Day 5)

The Paths of Light | Watercolor on paper | 5″ x 7″ | 2015

September 30-in-30 Challenge – Day 4

Day 4 (which was actually done on day 2.. gotta love working ahead!) is a revisiting of sorts of day 1.  In retrospect, I shouldn’t have started in with the ink on my day 1 piece, but I did and while I’m not thrilled with how it turned out, I do like it overall.  Today’s piece is using the same colors and same technique and this time, I’m letting it stand on it’s own.  My “issue” with doing that is my view that this is really just a background and needs more embellishment and it doesn’t.  I have to tell myself that it’s okay to just stop and let a piece be simple and stand on its own.

As usual, I am completely unable to get the tealish greens and blues I love so much to show up properly in a photo.  Suffice it to say that this isn’t as green as it looks.  There is more of a tealish tint to this.  And of course it’s untitled, lol!

Day 4 – “Untitled Abstract #14″
Watercolor on paper4″ x 6”

Untitled (Day 4)

Untitled | Watercolor on paper | 4″ x 6″ | 2015

September 30-in-30 Challenge – Day 3

So I actually started this piece on day 1 and finished it late on day 2, but it’s for day 3.  Go figure.  I also completed day 4 but that gets it’s own post. 🙂

So for this piece I honestly had an idea and a plan of what I wanted to do.  What I ended up with… isn’t the same thing.  Which isn’t that unusual.  My initial inspiration came from a foggy commute to work earlier this week. I wanted muted greyish-greens that started out very light and faded and progressively got darker.  I think I went off the rails with the pattern/space I used for each layer; it just wasn’t working to me, so I added a few splatters of green and then some purple.  When I was sure this wasn’t working how my brain saw things, I just said “oh, well” and added the purple and ended up with “Faultlines” instead.  And I like what I ended up with.

Day 3 – “Faultlines”
Watercolor on paper
4″ x 6″

Faultlines (Day 3)

Faultlines | Watercolor on paper | 4″ x 6″ | 2015


September 30-in-30 Challenge – Day 2

As I said yesterday, I had day 2’s painting done already, but I want to try posting these on the appropriate days.  I need to get a better photo of this one, the bottom of the piece is too dark, but it’s late here and I don’t want to stay up too much longer.  I did a lunchtime daily doodle for this piece and think it turned out nicely.  I’d originally been planning to use white ink for the accents but the ink wasn’t cooperating and so I switched to a gel pen instead.  I think I need a visit to the art store to see what other options I have for gel pens though.  There’s got to be a white one available, right?

Watercolor and gel pen on paper
6″ x 4″

Waveform (Day 2)

Waveform | Watercolor and gel pen on paper | 6″ x 4″ | 2015


September 30-in-30 Challenge Begins! Day 1

And thus begins my next foray into Leslie Saeta’s 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge.  I feel like I’ve gotten off to a rough start but I’m sure that’ll work itself out soon.  For day 1, I think I should have left well enough alone and just had the background, instead of adding the ink.  So let’s just file this one under “they can’t all be winners!”

I already have day 2 completed (I work on multiple pieces at once) and day 3 is in progress.  Hopefully this weekend I can work ahead a bit, too.

Watercolor and ink on paper
5″ x 7″

Untitled | Watercolor and Ink on paper | 5" x 7" | September 30-in-30 Challenge
Untitled | Watercolor and Ink on paper | 5″ x 7″ | September 30-in-30 Challenge

State of the Art – Week 34

So I’ve apparently lost two months somewhere.  I’m sure it was well spent, somehow.

Anyways, finally back to doing some art again.  I’ve signed up for another 30-in-30 Painting Challenge organized by Leslie Saeta set to happen in September.  Definitely looking forward to this and because I’ve decided to work in a standard smaller size, I can prep my 4×6 and 5×7 pages ahead of time so I’m not scrambling to do that before I can paint.  I might even get some of my base boards ready with paper already taped down if I get organized.

Tonight I wanted to create some small paintings to go in these white square frames I’d had for ages.  Then they’d go to work with me to decorate my cube cave.  Since I wanted the paintings to go together, I painted them as one piece and then sliced-and-diced my way to the right size for each frame.

Untitled Abstract #11 Trio – WIP

Untitled 11 (trio) WIP | Watercolor on paper

Untitled 11 (trio) WIP | Watercolor on paper

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